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jeudi 6 février 2014

Heidi by Slimane

Saint Laurent spring 2014 campaign by Heidi Slimane

This ego take started by Heidi Slimane at his arrival at Yves Saint Laurent, deciding to remove the very personal part of the french maison, isn't a without consequences. Anyway, today we see Heidi Slimane by Heidi Slimane, the way he wanted to position the future of the brand, and like he was the very unique person (throwing away Inez and Vinoodh after fall 2012 campaign) to understand and transfer the essence of his new sartorial vision to the french house. We've the chance to have not just a smart designer but also a talented photographer for this Saint Laurent spring 2014 campaing, translating all about darkness, melancholia and rock'n'roll into a low key experience.

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