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samedi 8 février 2014

Leather habit


Reading some fresh interview from my fav sartorial-girl, I just realize I own a single one leather like trousers that last since times I can't remember (the burgundy one does not count). Everyone is looking at it like "is it real leather?" but when I say that not : "It looks like!", and from neophytes to high fashion victims, I don't stop hearing that this piece is really cool. It's not too skinny not too large, a little bit too long -but which pants are not long for me?- with a 5 pockets style. It's then so easy to wear and works with everything. All of this reminds me also that I always loved to own my own pair of leather pants (well, why not as much as the 14-leather pants girl) just like a girl would own it's very own Chanel 2.55 quilted bag or Louboutin red soled heels. Obviously, it always have been a hard deal for me, who is always afraid of putting so much dolls in something. The sales tip is of course a venerable option, as long as my size is still available on the racks, of course. But my pants are Pimkie, did not cost an arm, and are still there. Investments? It can be luckily win and also worth the price with real bad-ass thick leather pants. So maybe I'm gonna do a last chance sales research for a good investment in some frock... and a biker jacket (part of my always wanted basics). I would easily say I'm a leather girl too.
More advices?

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