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dimanche 5 juillet 2015

Lighten up

When in winter, everyone have keys to warm up the atmosphere of their home and room. But how to deal with warmer temperatures ? This month here in Paris is surely the warmest I ever known so this simple advices may help you and I lightening our place and get better sleep every night of summer.

First, keep it simple. Too much furnitures and plants could block air circulation. Remember that some plants are better for interiors and that they need oxygen as much as you to breathe at night. Exit fluffy pillows, heavy goose gown duvet and thick carpets, sheep skins or all sorts of animal carpets.
Then, opt for lighter bedding sets like white sheets and summer-friendly fabrics like linen.
If you own your house, plan to put some parquet because there's nothing better than a floor which is able to reflect freshness -yes, sprawling myself on the ground after a warm day strolling around is a favourite of mine- and you'll be gratefull back to colder temperatures (wood has thermal properties).
Last but not least, helping sleep with relaxing scents can be a clue for the ones like me who does not bear the sound of a fan all night long.
But you don't necessarily sleep in your room... (a.k.a. gimme a hammock right now) ! Anyway, if you follow these few advices and maybe share yours, you and I (and maybe someone else on the other side of the earth) should have a deep and restorative sleep all summer long.

And you, what are your best advices to upgrade you room in summer ?

In collaboration with Parachute.


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